Our Most Anticipated Games Of July

Release Date: Friday July 1st
Platforms: PS4

The fifth game in Square Enix’s Star Ocean RPG series. Integrity & Faithlessness features seamless battle transitions, huge seven member parties and multiple endings.

James said: “The Star Ocean games were some of my favourites on the original Playstation and despite the awful characters I really enjoyed the latest game, The Last Hope. I’m excited to see wht the team does with Integrity & Faithlessness, and to see how the seamless battle transitions play out.”

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Release Date: Friday July 1st
Platforms: PS4 / PSV

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a high definition remake of the 2008 Playstation 2 game Odin Sphere. It features a unique and colourful visual style and features intense combat and deep crafting and customisation systems.

Josh said: “The classic PS2 RPG has been remade and improved beyond the already amazing original, and the gameplay is perfectly designed for Vita!”

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Release Date: Wednesday June 29th / Thursday July 7th
Platforms: PC / Xbox One

Inside is the long awaited puzzle platformer from the developers of the indie critical darling LIMBO. The game features visuals similar to LIMBO, taking place in a dreary monochromatic world.

Kevin said:Another dark, depressing, monochromatic puzzle platformer from the creators of Limbo? Sign me the hell on; I have no doubt that this will be one of 2016’s most thought-provoking and atmospheric indie titles.

Daniel said:
Shown at Microsoft’s E3 briefing this year, Inside featured a moody trailer that asked more questions than it answered. It’s been six years since we’ve seen anything from developer Playdead and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

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Release Date: Friday July 8th
 PS4 / Xbox One

Carmageddon: Max Damage is an updated and enhanced edition of the previously released Carmageddon: Reincanation. It includes over thirty characters and vehicles, as well as ten different maps to wreak havoc on.

Matthew said: “This console port of the PC title Carmageddon: Reincarnation could either burn rubber and make its way to the top of the charts, or fail miserably and splatter like a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Only time will tell to see what version we get.

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Release Date: Tuesday July 12th
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Song of the Deep is developed by Insomniac Games and the first game to be published by GameStop. A passion project for the team, it is a metroidvania style puzzle adventure game that sees a young girl adventuring into the deep ocean to find her missing father.

Ewan said: “Song of the Deep is something different for Insomniac; it’s a different genre with a new published. How they handle a Metroidvania style game and how Gamestop handle their first round of games intrigues me.

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Release Date: Saturday July 16th
Platforms: 3DS

Monster Hunter Generations is a brand new title in the Monster Hunter franchise that promises new special attacks, new combat styles and for the first time ever players can gear up and take on the hunt as a Felyne.

Monster Hunter Generations mixes the best of the old games with the best of the new ones to provide a solid hunting experience.

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Release Date: Tuesday July 19th
Platforms: PC / PS4

I Am Setsuna is a digital exclusive release published by Square Enix which takes place in a world where it’s always winter. The central theme of the game is Sadness – and the game promises to tell an emotional story. Those who miss the classic Final Fantasy games will appreciate Setsuna’s combat system, which is entirely turn based.

Steven said: “With a battle system that looks straight out of Chromo Trigger and a visual style that echoes 16-bit RPGs but with modern 3D visuals, Setsuna looks pretty interesting.

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