Our Most Anticipated Games Of August

Release Date: Tuesday August 2nd
Platforms: PC / PS4

A beautiful artistic vision developed by a team led by the art director of Journey and Flower in which players dive into the ocean and interact peacefully with ocean animals.

Camilla said: “I’ve been looking forward to this stunningly aesthetic ocean exploration game since its debut at E3 2014 and I can’t wait to dive into in”

Seamus said:Abzu looks ridiculously gorgeous, vibrant, interesting and is a game I’ve been wanting to get my hands on ever since it was first announced.”

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Release Date: Tuesday August 2nd (Episode 1)
Platforms: Android / iOS / PS3 / PS4 / 360 / XBO / Mac / PC

Telltale offers their take on the classic Batman franchise and for the first time allow players to step into either the role of Batman or Bruce Wayne to approach certain situations.

Damian said: “With the amount of IPs Telltale is currently juggling, it will be interesting to see what treatment our favourite caped crusader gets. I’m cautiously optimistic that this series will harken back to the quality writing seen in The Walking Dead (Season 1) and The Wolf Among Us.”

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Release Date: Tuesday August 9th
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Uno returns to the new wave of consoles with all the bells and whistles you remember plus some surprises in two. Play online using both voice and video chat to see who is the ultimate Uno champion

Shannon said:I know this seems like a bizarre choice but I actually miss a good old game of Uno. I can’t wait to get some friends together and let the sledging commence. Sure, it won’t be AS fun as the real thing, but at least we won’t have to keep shuffling.

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Release Date: Wednesday August 10th
Platforms: PC / PS4

Hello Games’ massively ambitious action adventure survival game sees players exploring a massive world as a planetary explorer to discover new worlds and species like no other.

Jake said:If there is a gamer who is not somewhat interested in seeing what this game is all about then please raise your hand…now put it down cause you’re lying. I’m keen to dive into this game and discover the space explorer in me and really uncover what No Man Sky has to offer.

Matthew said:
The delay was devastating, and I am so keen for the aspect of unlimited exploration. The closest thing I’ll get to ever being an astronaut in this lifetime.

Brodie said:As someone who is petrified by the vastness of space and the wonders that lie inside the seemingly infinite void, the scale of No Man’s Sky alone is enough to raise hairs on the back of the neck.

I’m hoping traipsing across No Man’s Sky’s universe will scratch the itch I’ve had since playing Elite Dangerous for the first time. And hey keen explorers, I’ll meet you in the middle—however long that takes.”

Josh said:Being a tranquil space explorer in a completely open universe is the perfect antidote to realities regimented lifestyle. Harnessing the spirit of adventure I expect this game to surprise more than a few people, as long as the ambient experience is as moving as it seems to be.

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Release Date: Tuesday August 16th
 PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Ubisoft’s follow-up to the sleeper hit Grow Home follow’s a robot named B.U.D. in a brand new set of challenges and objectives to return to the moon.

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Release Date: Tuesday August 23rd
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One

The follow up to Deus Ex: Human Revolution promises more of the open approach game design that fans have come to love. For the first time since the original game, the series also dips its toes into multiplayer with the new “Breach” mode.

Kevin said: “Human Revolution was easily one of my favourites of the previous generation, and judging by hands on gameplay, I can expect this to be even better, as well as exploring the thematic depths that the series is famous for.

James said:The Deus Ex series has always been o one of my favourites and I was always sceptical as to whether Human Revolution could stand up to it’s predecessors. It did, but I need to know it wasn’t a fluke. Mankind Divided’s interesting story, stunning art direction and open approach gameplay have me interested – but I am keen to see how the newly announced Breach mode will play too.

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Release Date: Friday August 26th
Platforms: PS4 / XBO

Inspired by the hit animated series, Attack on Titan puts players into violent and relentless battles designed to perfectly capture the essence of the series it’s based on.

Steven said: “Hard to tell at this point whether the game will be a mountain of tedious quicktime events, but if it manages to capture even some of the thrill of combat in the anime then sign me up.

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Release Date: Friday August 26th
Platforms: PS4

The King of Fighters series returns with newer full 3D visuals replacing the sprite work of the previous games. Boasting a roster larger than many of it’s contemporaries, The King of Fighters XIV will provide fans with bang for their buck.

Steven said: “Street Fighter V is fine, but I’ve found it’s selection of characters somewhat underwhelming. KOFXIV has 48 characters at launch, so I’m looking forward to jumping in and finding a character that fits me.

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Release Date: Tuesday August 30th
Platforms: PC / Mac

World of Warcraft expands yet again with a brand new continent, the fierce Demon Hunter class and a slew of other improvements and revamps that freshen up this storied franchise once more.

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