All Of Your Nintendo Switch Questions Answered

We’ve had the Nintendo Switch for a week now. When we first got the system we asked you to send in all of your questions about the hardware, software and accessories and we finally feel like we’ve spent enough time with the console to answer most of them.

Unfortunately, we still can’t talk about The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild until later today, so we’ve had to ignore those questions for the moment. We also went with the first person that asked each question as we had quite a few double ups.

If there’s anything else you want to know, don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments below.

Tim Morton: If you’ve purchased a physical copy of a game, are you still able to install it to either internal memory or expansion memory (with a microSD) so that you don’t have to necessarily carry around the game cartridge?

Unfortunately not, there is no way to install a game onto the Nintendo Switch hardware. From what we can tell, the game lives on the cartridge whilst your save will install to the console. 

Jason Knight: I haven’t played zelda since majoras mask, but loved everyone up until then and am considering giving the switch a try, does the switch have a store where you can buy older titles?

Surprisingly it does not on day one. We know that we’re getting a Virtual Console at some point and it’s safe to say that the Zelda games will be the first ones on there. 

David Heseltine: Does the Zelda game tile remain on the switch home screen if you remove the cartridge? Like when you remove a disc from the PS4, displays a disc icon when it’s in and a faded disc when it’s out. And can you arrange the home screen tiles?

It most certainly does. As you can see right now, all three of our physical titles show up on our home screen. If you’ve got a cartridge in for a specific game, it will show solid. 


Georgios Skoufezis: How does it stack up against other portable gaming consoles we’ve seen recently? Is the performance difference noticable when docked vs out on the go? Plus any general feedback would be amazing!

It’s probably the best portable console we’ve ever used in terms of form factor as well as the graphical capacity of the games. So far performance its quite similar docked vs undocked. Some games run a little better in handheld mode, presumably because the screen is a lower resolution. 


Lachlan Robertson: Does the Nintendo Switch make that epic clicking sound when you attach the Joy-Cons?

You bloody bet. It’s so satisfying each and ever time. I literally do it constantly just to get the satisfaction.

Mark Timbs: Charge it up and have a good play session. And then undock it and take it around the office. Let me know how it feels?

Honestly, this has been the best thing about the console so far. Being able to take it home, put it in the dock, go to the office and throw it in my bag. It’s playable anywhere and so seamless to charge and go. We wrote a whole article about its portability which you can find HERE.


Daniel Flynn: Let us know if you have the joycon issue. Huge concern for me at the moment.

We actually did a video about this. It is definitely an issue when you cover the Joy-Cons or they go behind a body part, but this is before the day one patch which one can only hope will improve the signal. You can watch it HERE. 

Daniel Wilkes: With a full charge how long does the battery last playing Zelda in handheld mode ?

We got about two and a half hours playing Zelda with full brightness. It’s been reported that of all the launch games, Zelda is the most power intensive and therefore you’ll get less battery with Zelda than any other game. 

Jade N Ty Gee: Do you have to install the games to play like PS4 and xbone or can you play straight off the hard copy?

You do not, you’re able to put the cartridge in and get playing within literally 10 seconds. It’s such a refreshing experience to be able to play games without waiting for absolutely anything to install. 

Zachie Carson: Does the Charging Grip really not charge the Joy-Con without being connected via USB?

Correct, the Joy-Con Grip included in the box does not charge the Joy-Cons. You’ll need to buy the additional Joy-Con Charging Grip. Honestly though, the Nintendo Switch does a great job of charging the Joy-Cons. It charges them even when the actual unit is off charge.

Chris Crowe: Does it give you the option to perform a network speed test? Does it support Wireless N or AC or some other variation?

Yep! There’s an option to do an internet speed test which shows you the download speed and upload speed.

Dylan Faith: When using a physical cartidge is anything other than save data saved on the switch? Debating weather to spend the cash on an SD card at launch.

It does not. The only thing that will save automatically to the system storage is captured screenshots. It’s also likely that game updates will take up system storage too.

Tahren Dee Bourke: What’s the wireless range of the joycons?

Honestly not something we’ve tested to scientifically but we’re freely able to move our our small office quite comfortably without it ever losing range, so I don’t see there being any huge issues. 


Marc A Rapley: Do you think that this console is again going to target a predominantly younger audience and not see more mature titles (such as Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Wildlands) released as frequently as on other consoles?

I think that Nintendo will be very clever about position this console for the hardcore gamers but still trying to grab a section of that casual audience/younger audience. Only time will tell but getting games across like Skyrim can only help the situation. 

Adam Sewell: Does it smell as good as it looks?

Can confirm, it most certainly does.

Aaron Reid: Do you get joycon straps with the console and if so what colour are they?

You most certainly do. They are grey. Even the ones that come with the Neon console are grey, which is a little bit odd.>

Andrew Natoli: Does it support external headphones via bluetooth?

Currently, the Nintendo Switch does not support any headphones with bluetooth, which was one of our main negatives in the review. IT doesn’t appear that there’s a way to use any form of headphones when in TV mode.

Steve Zarks: Does the pro controller have a headphone jack?

It does not. This was one of the main negatives that we had down for the Pro Controller. It’s honestly one of my favourite controllers that I’ve loved, but a few silly missed opportunities such as not having a headphone jack, is a little bit of a letdown. You can read the article we wrote about it HERE.

The Pro Controller In All Its Glory

Kimberly Mills: How beautiful is it in real life?

It’s seriously the most photogenic console that I’ve ever owned. I can’t stop posting photos of the console over on our Instagram even though people are probably sick of it by now. The Neon console which I wasn’t expecting to like at all is absolutely beautiful and eye catching.

@b1acksword: What is the battery life of the Joy-Con controllers compared to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers?

We’re getting somewhere between 15-20 hours on the J0y-Con whilst the Pro Controller can last a mammoth 40 hours. It’s honestly sensational. 

@thisisizzystuf: My first question is how heavy is it for portable use?

It’s not all that heavy. It’s definitely a serious piece of kit, so there’s some weight to it, but it’s not noticeable chucking it into a backpack. You can read more about portability HERE.

@BenGreenAU: Heres a pain the ass question, can you work out if you can charge it from a USB power bank, and if so how much does it drain?

You can use it with a USB Power Bank, but it’s going to take a little bit more research figuring out the voltage and wattage required as when the system is playing Zelda, it uses a ton of power. We tested one we had and it seemed to work OK.


@b1acksword: Is there any info yet on how much heat the console will give off while playing in your hands? Does it affect battery life?

The console does get quite warm at times and the fan is definitely noticeable when it does heat up. I’ve found that this happens most when playing Zelda. I’m guessing it would affect battery life as if the console is warming up and the fan is spinning, it’d be using more power. 

@al_fatman: Will Australia be able to download titles Day 1 of launch?

It is presumed that you’ll be able to download titles on Day one tomorrow. The day one update is still not live, but I can’t wait to give SnipperClips a try.

@mookman241: Is it worth buying the Pro controller?

Yeah, it is. Don’t get me wrong, the Joy-Con Grip is definitely fine for general use, but for long-winded games like Zelda, there’s nothing better than the Pro Controller. We wrote more about this here.

@smjenkevin: How long is the USB cable included with the pro controller and charging grip?

Don’t have an exact measurement but it actually surprised me just how long it is as well as the quality of the cable. It’s really solid and a lot longer than any other cord that I’ve received with a controller.

@robbieshenton: Any chance of seeing a size comparison between an Iphone/Samsung and the Nintendo Switch screen please?

Sure thing. Here you go!

@dcutts23 Do you have to disconnect the joy con controllers in order to use the pro controller?

Not at all. One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is just how easy it is to pair controllers as well as change between controllers.

@joshsquosh: When is Metroid on Switch coming out???

Probably never.