The 9 1-2 Switch Mini Games Worth Playing

As we mentioned in our review, 1-2 Switch is a decent collection of mini games that does a really good job in showing off just how technically capable the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are. Whilst all of the mini games are quite shallow, it actually provides a ton of good ways that the Joy-Cons can be used in real world gaming situations. I don’t doubt that we’ll see some really good use of the Joy-Cons in the months to come. 

In all honesty, there’s only a handful of games that I was more than happy to play more than once and I’ve listed them below.

Eating Contest

Eating content makes use of the IR sensor of the Joy-Con and is completely to every other mini game included in 1-2 Switch. It’s so simple that literally anybody can pick it up and play through and it was interesting to work through a number of techniques in order to see just how many subs I could down.

Beach Flag

Beach Flag is quite frankly a mini game that could have been done on the Wii, but it’s simple and fun nonetheless. You find yourself running on the spot until you feel a vibration in which you have to then raise your hand in order to grab the flag. A replay is shown on screen showing just how fast you were able to get to the flag in comparison to your opponent.

Ball Counting

In my opinion, this is one of the best mini games on 1-2 Switch both in terms of fun and just how well it shows off the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble. You’ll need to roll your Joy-Con around in order to feel virtual balls rolling around the controller. You’ll then have to guess just how many balls you think are inside. It can range anywhere from 1 to 5 and it takes a while to master.

Joy-Con Rotation

Another mini game that involves some decent skill and risk. You need to pick up your Joy-Con controller and rotate it as much as you can without shaking or dropping the controller. The fun comes in guessing just how much you’ll need to rotate without dropping your controller.


The game that got the most attention pre-launch and pretty much lives up to all expectations. You’ll be mimicking milking a cow using the Joy-Cons SL and SR buttons whilst doing a squeezing motion. Do it just right and you’ll get an epic explosion of milk.

Safe Crack

This one shows off the Joy-Cons ability to recognise movement as well as the HD Rumble in order to pick that perfect moment in the safe. The first person to get three combinations get the virtual gold.

Table Tennis

This one is fun for all the wrong reasons. Instead of having to move around or using accuracy in order to play table tennis, you’ll be using audio cues in order to perfect time your return. There’s also a lob and power shot in order to change things up a bit. Once you get used to it, it can actually be quite a bit of fun to see who will break first.


I’d not seen this game before launch but essentially you’re using the Joy-Con to cast spells against your opponent. It’s a game of reverse tug of war in which you must keep casting spells in order to take your opponent down. It’s fun as you need to use perfect timing to counter your opponents attack.

Treasure Chest

This one is absolutely crazy. You need to use the on-screen visual lines to turn your Joy-Con as if you’re unwrapping a treasure chest. If you spin it the wrong way, it’ll get caught up and you’ll need to work even quicker to unravel it.