7 Games We Want Xbox to Announce At E3

SUNSET-OVERDRIVE-2Insomniac shocked the world when they revealed that they had been developing Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One. It’s one of the most exuberant and unique Xbox exclusive titles and we’d love to see it make a return. It’s a tough one, however, as Insomniac has managed to convince Microsoft to let them retain the rights of Sunset Overdrive and we know that their main team is currently working on Spider-Man (For PlayStation). Regardless,  we think that Xbox needs an incredibly diverse line-up of titles for Project Scorpio. Insomniac is exactly the kind of developer that Microsoft needs on board to strengthen the line-up.MUCH'S-ODDYSEEOddworld: Munch’s Oddysee was released exclusively for the Xbox, which was controversial at the time since Abe was so closely tied to the PlayStation brand. It’s one of those rare franchises that would offer early adopters of the Xbox a sense of nostalgia and it could be the exact type of announcement a seasoned Xbox fan would want to see at E3. We’d happily take a sequel.age-of-empiresWe’d absolutely love to see Age of Empires make a comeback. A lot of people have incredibly fond memories of the franchise and it’s obvious that Xbox is going to push towards their unified Xbox/Windows 10 gaming experience, so a game like Age of Empires makes perfect sense.TOMB-RAIDER-SEQUELIt’s been long rumoured and we feel that now is the time right to announce the next Tomb Raider game (rumoured to be titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider). Both the first and second game of the rebooted franchise have been heavily tied to the Xbox brand. We know that the last one didn’t perform as well as Square expected but under this new and (hopefully) improved Project Scorpio brand, we believe that this amazing franchise can still flourish.BATTLEGROUNDSThis is exactly the kind of announcement that Xbox needs to make. Battlegrounds has been one of the most successful smash hits of 2016 so far, taking the PC community by storm and I think it’s only a matter of time before PlayStation or Xbox announces that they’ve got the game first on console. I think it’ll be some time before it’s ready for a console release but this E3 feels like the perfect time, considering the current hype, to drop the bomb.PERFECT-DARKPerfect Dark is one of the most divisive franchises. The original on Nintendo 64 is one of the most highly regarded first-person shooters of all times but the sequel, which was a launch title for the Xbox 360, was a major disappointment for many fans. Once again, it’s one of those few titles that Microsoft has access to that would pull at the nostalgic heartstrings of many gamers.BLINX-THE-TIME-SWEEPERRemember old Blinx? The Time Sweeping Cat who captured Xbox gamer’s hearts on the original Xbox? He was a poor man’s Ratchet and Clank and we’d love to see Xbox remaster the original game. Platformers are making a huge comeback and what better to go against Super Mario Odyssey than our good pal, Blinx.