The Winners Of Our ARK Survival Evolved Competition

Thanks to Five Star Games, we had six copies of ARK: Survival Evolved to giveaway on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (three on each).

We asked you the following question and have now come up with our favourite six responses:

“If you could choose to be one dinosaur, which would you be?”


    • Dave B (PS4) Compsognathus – Like me, it’s small, annoying and has sharp teeth.
    • Andrew G (PS4) Braciosaurus – I’d be able to reach the cookies that my mum hides in the highest cupboard.
    • Matt H (PS4) If I could choose to be any dinosaur, I’d choose to be Keith Richards. The amount of fun that fossil has had.
    • Megan S (Xbox One) Velociraptor because they travel in packs and are super intelligent, so at least in some life I’d be super smart and strong as a predator
    • Amy C (Xbox One) I said it loudly and repeatedly when I was six and I’ll say it now. The triceratops is the greatest dinosaur ever.
    • Brad A (Xbox One) My mother-in-law. She’s a dinosaur of massive proportions with the looks and a set of teeth that could kill, literally.

Congratulations to the winners! you will be contacted via email to claim your prize.

ARK Survival Evolved is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.