The Winners Of Our Yakuza Kiwami Competition

Thanks to Five Star Games, we had three copies of Yakuza Kiwami to giveaway on PlayStation 4.

We asked you the following question and have now come up with our favourite three responses:

“If you had a gang, what would you call it?”


    • Braydon L – I’m going to stick with my Persona 5 Thieves name being the CrispyCrims’. Rolls off the tongue nicely and only just fits in the Name Entry field.
    • Jarryd H – My gang name would be’We can Hackett’ , this is a play on words of my last name ‘Hackett’ and means I will HACK and SLASH anyone who gets in my way!
    • Frank Gullone – My gang would be called Nanna’s Tissues. We would wear knitted cardigans and offer shortbread & tea to our enemies … poisonous tea.

Congratulations to the winners! you will be contacted via email to claim your prize.

Yakuza Kiwami is out now exclusively on PlayStation 4

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