Press Start’s GOTY 2017 – #3 Super Mario Odyssey

Steven said: “Super Mario Odyssey is utterly joyous and reminded me why I love Mario games. It’s fluid controls afford a huge range of movement options allowing for experimentation, and each Kingdom adds a new capture-creature with it’s own new possibilities for acrobatics and traversal. Odyssey maintains Mario’s near perfect record of top-class platforming games.”

Toby said: “Much like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey fundamentally reworks its traditions, culminating in a game that truly prides itself on its large-scale exploration and unique experiences. I had so much fun playing through this world-spanning adventure, and there’s still so much to do even after the credits have rolled. Like Zelda, Odyssey should be well and truly be in your library if you have a Switch.”

Kieron said: “You’ve got to hand it to Nintendo, few development houses can say they’ve single-handedly reinvented and redefined a genre multiple times by proxy of just one franchise. Super Mario Odyssey sits firmly in the camp of redefinition, content to stick to a familiar formula, but does so with such confidence and jubilation that it comes damn close to not only the best in the series, but the all-time best game of its kind.”

Shannon said the game was beyond his wildest imagination in his review and gave it a 10. He said: “I don’t know how Nintendo continues to do it, but they’ve managed to reinvent another classic franchise and push it further than imaginable. Super Mario Odyssey is the game that we’ve been waiting to play for more than 20 years. It feels like it borrows key elements from almost every Mario game that has come before it to create what is possibly not only the greatest Mario game, but one of the best 3D platformers of all time.”


3. Super Mario Odyssey

4. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

6. Resident Evil 7

7. Uncharted The Lost Legacy

8. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

9. Sonic Mania

10. Cuphead