A Way Out Has A Lot Of Mini-Games That You And Your Friend Can Play

A Way Out is perhaps the most stunning entry in the line of EA Originals, this time developed by Hazelight Studios which is led by Josef “f**k the Oscars” Fares whose debut, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, impressed Patrick Söderlund so much he tipped in $3.7 million to develop A Way Out whilst allowing Fares’ team to retain full creative control.

While the game is a narrative juggernaut first and foremost, its small team has managed to cram a lot into what is a fairly linear experience. During the game’s quieter moments, there is a heap of mini-games that you and your partner can indulge in.

So here’s a list of the mini-games we happened across in A Way Out.

Where is it? Prison and Airplane Hangar

There are a couple of instances in A Way Out where you’re able to stop and pump a bit of iron and get swole for Stereosonic.

These are pretty rudimentary button-mashing exercises and there isn’t a whole lot to strive for as, apparently, you max out at about twelve reps, which is far less than we on the Press Start crew can manage in real-life.

So as you can see, there’s a heap of fun stuff to distract from the revenge-plot in A Way Out. So stop, smell the roses and bond damn it.

Where is it?
 Trailer Park

Is there anything more embedded in American culture than going out and hitting the god damned ball out of the god damned park? I don’t think so. Once you get to the trailer park when going to visit Leo’s family, you’ll both be free to line up and try your hand at America’s favourite pastime.

Whether you take the bat or the ball, this is definitely a bit of fun. Crushing it for a home run will even net you a trophy if you’re capable.

Dueling Banjo/Piano
Where is it?
 Countryside Estate

This one spoke to the Guitar Hero fanatic in me as, by picking up either the banjo or sitting at the piano, we were able to create some dulcet tunes as we held together a combo made up of only three buttons. It’s not exactly “Through the Fire and Flames” but it’s tricky enough for the uninitiated.

There are four difficulties to choose from, so go ahead and ramp it up once you run out of things to do in the countryside estate you’re rummaging through.

Where is it? Countryside Estate

I first became enamoured by the game of horseshoes thanks to Red Dead Redemption. That thing was one hell of a time sink and frankly, it’s still the best version of it going around. Higher production values and all that, of course.

That said, A Way Out is hardly a slouch as its version, tucked away in a rundown horse stable it certainly kept Shannon distracted while I did all of the physical labour to get our escape vehicle running again.

Where is it?
 Trailer Park

I was so surprised and delighted to see a real-to-life darts board in A Way Out. It registers trebles and everything.

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to play a full game of 501 but as a ‘best of three darts’ distraction, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Arm Wrestling
Where is it?
 Construction Yard

The truest thing in A Way Out might have been the fact that we walked into a construction site to find absolutely no one doing anything. It didn’t stop a group of so-called workers from gathering around an arm-wrestling contest, though.

And it was a contest that Shannon and I quickly cut in on, battling it out by mashing square for what felt like hours. For reasons unknown, Shannon’s forearms and wrists are stronger than mine so he emerged triumphantly while I am nursing my arm in a sling.

Connect 4
Where is it?

Slightly higher on the ladder than Tic-Tac-Toe, but lower than most everything else ever is Connect 4.

Not much else to say. Line up the dots.

Wheelchair Manuals
Where is it? Hospital

I really fancied my chances here as holding my balance in a wheelchair was pretty much identical to manualing in the beloved Tony Hawk’s franchise.

But I guess by using cheat codes in my younger years I robbed myself of any real formal training and found myself crushed yet again by Shannon’s gravity-defying ways. Do not try this at home either, I tried it in my desk chair and suffice it to say, it doesn’t work.

Where is it? Airplane Hangar

Tucked away in the corner of Emily’s airplane hangar is an arcade machine which features Grenades, a mash-up of Pong and volleyball. It’s a blast and is probably one of the better mini-games on the list.

It’s the first to seven and it relies on a bit of accuracy to hit the right angles to get the ball back over the net.