All Of Your Doom Eternal Questions Answered

Earlier this week we put the word out to our community to send us any questions that you wanted to be answered about Doom Eternal.

You can rest easy as I am going to be avoiding spoilers in my answers, so if your question didn’t make it I probably thought it was a little bit too much or that knowing the answer would ruin the experience for you.

Ben Croft asks “Is it worth buying full price? Or of its more of 2016 Doom then wait for a sale? And for us trophy/achievement hunters, is this an achievable Platinum, or are we looking at a Wolfenstein 2 situation again?”

It really depends on what you deem as being worth it, but I genuinely believe that Doom Eternal is worth it. The campaign is fantastic, and while I haven’t tried Battlemode yet I can only imagine that will add to the experience. As for achievements and trophies – this is very attainable. There’s no crazy achievements for the crazier difficulties and the multiplayer ones seem very reasonable. I’d estimate WORST case that completion would take about 30 hours. Maybe even less.

@JoshDeveson asks “What accessibility options does it have? Is the best DOOM game ever? Is there New Game Plus?”

The options menu does have some accessibility options – you can turn off screen shake, turn on a colorblind UI mode (protanopia, tritanopia, deuteranopia) as well as adjusting subtitle size. If you’re finding the game difficult, you can even turn on a Sentinel Armour mode that activates after a few deaths during key boss battles, which greatly reduces the damage you take. You can even adjust the intensity, strength, brightness and contrast of the colorblind filters.

Is it the best game ever? I am not sure. I think it’s one of the greats but it really depends on what you get out of Doom. But I loved it, and it’s easily the best for me.

As for New Game Plus – you can replay any mission with the weapons and upgrades you’ve unlocked at any time.

Matt Molloy asks “Does the new hook/chain traversal cause some difficult or hard to get secrets. I’m worried I’d blast everything in the room then realise I can’t get somewhere because of that?””

The Super Shotgun meat hook is solely used for combat. There were about one or two moments where I needed it to traverse using the hook in the game, but the game was set up so that you wouldn’t get stuck. As for collectibles, Doom Eternal has such a robust traversal system that you don’t really need it to reach items. You’ve got a double jump AND a double dash to utilise. In short, it’s not as important for traversal as it is for combat.

Patrick Wycherley asked “How long is the story and how well does that helmet from the collector’s edition fit?

Mark Corlson also asked “How long is the story?” while Robbie Shenton also asked “How long is the main campaign?

It really depends on the difficulty but I’d estimate most players would get through the campaign in fifteen or so hours. Maybe even more if you’re a bit slower or die heaps.

As for the helmet, it seems to fit Shannon pretty nicely:

Chris Smith asks “Is it as good or better than the 2016 one? Really enjoyed that one!” while Darien Whiting asks “Is the game as epic as its made out to be or does it exceed expectations?” and Nicholas Van Roevan asks “Is it as awesome as I am hoping it is?“.

Yes. Easily. To the point where if you haven’t played 2016 I’d recommend playing it because Eternal makes that game look like a test run. You can read the rest of my review HERE.

Brad Gaebora asks “Is it less repetitive than Doom (2016), is the aesthetic more interesting?

I don’t want to spoil much but it’s definitely less repetitive. Arena encounters feel more organic, and you come across enemies between arenas too. There’s also great enemy variety and location variety too, so it’s very interesting all around.

Vegas James asks “How long can my erection last while playing Doom before I need to seek medical help?

I spent more time than I care to admit researching epididymal hypertension to answer this question but it turns out everyone is different, sorry!

Nathan James Mullan asks “When will the Switch version get a release date?

We don’t know. Hopefully soon though! I am very keen to see how this experience translates to Switch.

Mitch McCausland asks “Did they add Isabelle?” while @ElevenOHNOES asked “Did you see Isabelle anywhere?

No but never say never to her popping up in a Battlemode expansion 😉

@Ollie7541 asks “How much content does it have?

The campaign has thirteen levels, with four standard difficulty levels. There’s two extra difficulty levels on top – one is called Ultra-Nightmare and forces you to begin the campaign again after you die once. You can save after each mission, however.

The other is Extra Life mode which is almost the same, just that you can pick up extra lives. On top of the difficulty options, there’s a bunch of collectibles that are neat throwbacks for Doom fans, as well as Battlemode and the upcoming Invasion mode. There’s a bit of content here.

There’s also Master Levels, which iD will seem to continue adding to the game. These are the same levels, just with remixed enemy placements.
@TassieDad asks “Where can I get it on PC the cheapest?”
We have a bargain guide for Doom Eternal available HERE.

If you have any other questions, be sure to reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll do my best to respond!

For now, enjoy Doom Eternal when it releases TOMORROW. It’s one of the greatest shooters I’ve played in a while and I am sure you’ll think so too!