Every Nintendo Switch Game Announced In Today’s 2021 Indie World Nintendo Direct

Nintendo revealed a whole bunch of stuff overnight in their latest Indie World direct, including a bunch of games available right now. How exciting. Here’s everything they’ve announced!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Is A Spiritual Successor To Jet Set Radio Future

The game is inspired by Jet Set Radio Future and features beats composed by Hideki Naganuma. It’s out next year and it’s a timed console exclusive.

TOEM: A Photo Adventure Is A Cute Chillaxing Adventure Made Of Paper

The game features a whimsical black and white art style and allows you to take and save photos in an isometric world that looks like it’s made of paper. It’s super chill. It’s out later this year in 2021.

Loop Hero Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

It’s a game from Devolver Digital that has you placing cards onto a playing field to assist a character out of a dungeon. The game released for PC earlier in the year, but now it’s making the jump to Nintendo Switch later this year.

FAR: Changing Tides Is Looking Relaxing AF

You play as a boy and his ship as he explores an apocalyptic world dominated by the ocean. You’ll explore both above and under the water, and even command your ship too. A sequel to FAR: Lone Sails, the game hits Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

Necrobarista: Final Pour Is A Great Update From Some Great Aussie Devs

Final Pour is an expanded director’s cut with remastered visuals and new story content. It’s a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch releasing later today.

Garden Story Is A Cute Little Game That’s Out Today

It’s got some cutesy visuals and some cute combat and it’s all cute really. It’s out today.

Boyfriend Dungeon Lets You Date Your Weapons And That’s Kinda Hot

I don’t think it needs anymore explaining honestly. It’s also out today, so get dating. Your boys are waiting.

Axiom Verge 2 Is Finally Coming And It’s Actually Out Today NUIBDJNKMS

Featuring a brand new setting and character, it is the sequel to one of my favourite Metroidvania games of all time. It lets you jump between two different worlds to affect the world like never before. As I calmly eluded to earlier, it’s out today for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4 and the Epic Games Store.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon Gives Shovel Knight A Cool New Direction

It’s a puzzle adventure with a “dungeon crawling twist” that looks to take Shovel Knight in a cool new direction. The Nintendo Switch version features exclusive amiibo support to summon friends to accompany you on your adventure. It’s out later this year.

Islanders Is A Chill Game All About Building And It’s Coming To Consoles

You’ll be able to go on expeditions and build new settlements on each island. I’m not usually one for this kind of thing but it’s looking super chill. It’s out later today and it’s a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

Metal Slug Tactics Is Looking As Epic As Ever

The game merges the classic artistic direction of the Metal Slug series with some tried and true strategy RPG gameplay. It’s a cool take on a series that I didn’t know I needed, honestly and that mecha cobra looks fucking great. It’s releasing sometime next year.

Tetris Effect: Connected Is Still Beautiful And It’s Making The Jump To Switch

This game is an experience and well worth your time honestly. It’s out on Switch on October 8th 2021 which makes it a perfect pick-up for your juicy new OLED screen.

A Whole Bunch Of Indie Games Were Revealed To Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Astroneer is coming in January 2022. Hundred Days: Winemaking Simulator is coming next year. Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition launches later today. Curious Expeditions 2 launches later today. Gang Beasts launches later in the year and Lumbearjack hits in 2022.

The Show Closed With A Look At A Cyberpunk Flavoured Action Game

It’s called Eastward, and it has a cute cyberpunk vibe to it. It’s hitting Nintendo Switch as a console launch exclusive on September 16th 2021.