Press Start’s GOTY 2021 #4 – Resident Evil Village


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#4 – Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil is a franchise that has, in years gone by, seen some cavernous lows across all forms of media. Since its rebirth through the genuinely unsettling, bayou-stomping horror ride that was Resident Evil 7, the series has gone from strength to strength.

As a direct sequel to that game, Village feels like a continuation of Ethan’s journey while riffing on the elements of Resident Evil 4 that made it iconic to an entire generation of horror fans. It’s an amusement park that cashes in its main event right out of the gate with Lady Dimitrescu—brought to life by an award-winning debut performance from Maggie Robertson—but maintains the thrills throughout, including House Beneviento and its deeply disturbing denizens.

It’s hard to know where Resident Evil might go from here. I loved the bayou and Europe’s gothic horrors felt like a wild pivot from that, so we’re all excited to see where it goes next.

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In his review, James gave Resident Evil Village a 9/10 and said: “While Resident Evil Village channels the best bits of several Resident Evil games, it stands on its own to be something never done before in the franchise. A macabre potpourri of European, gothic-inspired styles of tension and horror, Resident Evil Village is a worthy follow-up to Resident Evil 7: biohazard and one that any self-respecting horror fan shouldn’t miss.”

As it stands, Resident Evil Village is sitting at 84 based on 108 critic reviews.


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