The Huge Nvidia List Of Leaked Games Is Turning Out To Be Mostly True

After last night’s surprise announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, it’s becoming more and more evident that the huge, exhaustive list of games that leaked from GeForce Now’s databank might, in fact, be real.

The list is enormous and features games from publishers of all shapes and sizes, from Microsoft and Sony right down to the little guys like Curve Digital.

A kind Reddit user -LastGrail- is keeping tabs on the list and it’s fascinating just to see how much of this list has been confirmed by various sources, whether it be from industry insiders or from the horse’s mouth.

While only a couple of Sony’s titles have emerged as accurate so far, I think the fact PlayStation does take their time to port their games over to PC doesn’t mean all hope is lost that we might see recent games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Ghost of Tsushima receive ports in future.

On the other side of the fence, much of Microsoft’s list has been proven true already with Jez Corden himself confirming that titles codenamed Typhoon, Holland, and Woodstock are all previously confirmed titles in Avalanche’s Contraband, Fable, and Forza Motorsport. With Avowed and Perfect Dark confirmed, and Gears 6 all but assured, it would appear that Microsoft has a few aces in their sleeve yet.

Similarly, Street Fighter 6 was announced. Crysis 4 is the real deal. And with all of the spurious leaks surrounding the new BioShock from Cloud Chamber, including the fact they’re targeting a release this year, it could come from the clouds.

Last night’s announcement from Square Enix, however, is the moment this list earned some credibility.

If a game as outlandish and unexpected as Kingdom Hearts IV can be real, then you begin to wonder what other improbable titles from the leak could be genuine. So let’s focus our energies, dare to dream, and will some of these games into existence.

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If the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake is any indicator, Square Enix might very well invest in giving Final Fantasy IX, a rather underrated entry in the storied franchise, a similar treatment. It’s not like they haven’t been taking risks with their IP, Stranger of Paradise stands as towering proof of that. Speaking of remakes, Resident Evil 4 getting a fresh lick of paint is the worst kept secret in gaming as it stands.

The sooner Capcom rips off that band-aid, the sooner -LastGrail- can check it off.

For me, the list gets very interesting around EA where it’s suggested that Titanfall 3 could be happening. I have held hope in my heart for a long time and the rumours have been there, but for it to be on this list now, with this new context, means a lot. Of course, Respawn already has a lot on their plate with the slate of Star Wars games they’re working on, but I hope they back themselves in to one-up what many consider to be the best single-player first-person shooter campaign in a decade.

The list goes on to include titles like Tekken 8, Human Fall Flat 2, remasters of both Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall, and new additions to both the Middle-earth and Metro franchises.

As always, time will tell how much more of the list winds up being real, but if even half of those games eventuate then we’re going to be eating good, gamers.