Here’s How Zaeed Massani Left His Mark On Mass Effect: Andromeda

Zaeed Massani was one of the more popular characters in Mass Effect 2, despite being a downloadable character. For those hoping for his appearance in the game, it’s probably not going to happen. But there is a nice little link between him and the events of Andromeda on the planet of Eos, the first planet you’ll settle as part of the Andromeda initiative.

Roam around the outskirts of Eos long enough and you’ll be contacted by a man who affectionately calls you little duck – beginning the quest “Kett’s Bane”. If you are savvy enough and manage to find the man, he’ll introduce himself as Bain Massani – a human who has dedicated his life to hunting down the Kett presence on one of the potential locations of your new home.
Massani Cropped

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree though – as Bain Massani seems like a no-nonsense mercenary type like his father. Your pathfinder can question him a bit more about his past in the Milky Way in Andromeda, but details are pretty scarced. Bain confesses that his mum died when he was a kid, and that he never met his father. All he knew was that he was a big-time merc who gave him his name and nothing else.

Zaeed, you big ol’ dog.

Fans of the series will enjoy these little throwbacks to previous events and characters, though it’s always worth mentioning that this is the extent of those references, Andromeda is entirely it’s own beast.