Animal Crossing Breaking Rocks

How To Use Up Stamina After Eating Fruit In Animal Crossing So You Don’t Break Rocks

Here’s something I learnt the hard way.

You eat fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to get stamina in order to smash rocks that you no longer want on your island or move trees. However, this is a pretty major issue when one of the first major tasks in the game (building Nook’s Cranny) has you collecting 30 iron nuggets from rocks.

Smashing rocks after eating fruit will make this take a lot longer than if you don’t have stamina (which is pointed out in the top left corner), so we wanted to tell you how to expel that stamina before you go smashing rocks.


There’s three ways that I’ve found so far:

  • Hitting rocks (which you don’t really want to do at this early stage.
  • Dig up a tree with your shovel and immediately replant it in your hole
  • Save your game, exit and come back into the game. This will remove all 10 (or however many stamina points you have built up).
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We also gave some pretty effective ways to quickly get 30 iron nuggets in order to build your shop for Timmy Nook. You can find that right HERE. It’s definitely weird that the game introduces a stamina counter only to have it used on these few little things. If you have discovered other ways to get rid of your super stamina, or other ways that this stamina is actually useful, please let us know in the comments below.