The Last Of Us Part II Pre-Order bonus

How To Use The Last Of Us Part II Handgun Ammo Capacity Upgrade/Crafting Training Manual And What Do They Do

Those that have pre-ordered The Last Of Us Part II would have got two digital pre-order bonuses. They are an Ammo Capacity Upgrade and a Crafting Training Manual. Both upgrades

There’s a bit of confusion going on about how you actually access them as you won’t be able to view either for a little while into the game.


You can see the Crafting Manual Upgrade in your skill tree quite early in the game. As soon you start collecting supplements, you should be able to head into the menu and see it unlocked.

The Crafting Manual will give you five skills that include:

  • Craft Melee Upgrades – This lets you restore your Melee weapon and also upgrade it to be even more powerful
  • Faster Crafting – This lets you perform crafting of items faster to let Ellie be vulnerable for less time
  • Craft Smoke Bombs – Smoke bombs can be used to blind enemies and infected
  • Craft Improved Health Kits – This is a big one to get. It improves your health kits to heal yourself even more
  • Craft More Smoke Bombs – This lets you craft three smoke bombs instead of two

You’ll still need actual supplements to upgrade each of these things as this bonus does not unlock all of them. This is understandable as these definitely would make Ellie quite overpowered early in the game.


You’ll be able to see the Handgun Ammo Capacity Upgrade as soon as you get to the first workbench which takes place in Jackson when you’re on Patrol. It’s in Eugene’s hideout after you leave the supermarket.

You should be able to see the Handgun Ammo Capacity Upgrade unlocked straight away. This will let you hold more bullets in your handgun which is super useful as it’s probably the gun you will use most during your play through.

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