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How To Get Ghost Of Tsushima’s Two Trickiest Trophies

Note: The following information references some mid-to-late-game content and we recommend it only be used as a guide if you’re already attempting these trophies and need help. Read ahead at your own risk. 

Sucker Punch’s massive samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima has finally been unleashed on the world, and as fans start to pick up the game and explore the beautiful island of Tsushima they’ll find a healthy list of PlayStation trophies waiting to recognise their progress.

While the overall list is fairly straightforward and quite achievable, there are a few that we anticipate might stump some players. If you’ve clicked through to this, that likely applies to you, so allow us to talk you through both the Honour the Unseen, and Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophies to help you on your journey to Platinum. 

It probably goes without saying but the following will go over content in the game that might be considered spoilers, including some things you might want to discover on your own. We’d recommend you only read ahead if you’re already at a point where you’re actively trying to pop these trophies.

How To Get The Honour the Unseen Trophy

This trophy is an interesting one; once you know what to do it’s incredibly easy to achieve, but knowing what to do is half the battle. 

For starters, the game doesn’t really ever draw attention to the fact that you can make Jin bow at any time by swiping down on the DualShock 4’s touch pad. That’s lesson #1 on your way to Honour the Unseen. 

With that knowledge in your back pocket, it’s time to find these ‘hidden altars’, another little extra that the game leaves to players to discover. Hidden altars are found all throughout Tsushima, some in obvious places and some cleverly hidden. Unlike the game’s Inari Shrines and Shinto Shrines, these ones aren’t marked on the map or tracked in any menu, and they can often embody very different physical forms. 

The primary way to recognise a hidden altar is to spot a wooden signpost depicting a person bowing, these are placed next to (most) hidden altars. The altar itself could be a statue, a tree, a natural formation, even a body of water, but as long as you’re standing next to the sign when you use the aforementioned bow command the altar should ‘activate’. Most (but not all) of the time, you’ll know it’s worked because something will happen. We won’t spoil that for you here, though. 

The trophy requires doing this at ten unique hidden altars, which is easy enough given there are far, far more than ten throughout the game world. If you’re keeping in mind to look for the signposts as you play through the game you’ll likely find enough to satisfy the trophy requirements long before the credits roll. That said if you missed finding them or need extra help we’ve highlighted some of the earliest/easiest ones to find, and more than enough to get you the bronze trophy:

– At Tadayori’s Rest in Izuhara, which you go to during The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale, it’s a hidden mountain cemetery in the middle of Houren’s Pasture, Kuta Grasslands and Winding Trail.

– At the cemetery outside of Komatsu Forge in Izuhara, on the east side

– At the Isonade Coast in Izuhara, early on the path to the Mending Rock Shrine, you’ll see a frog statue by the cliffside

– At a fishing pier on the east side of Kechi Fishing Village in Izuhara, on see a square section of walkway sticking out

– At the river near Kishi Village in Izuhara, on a small wooden pier outside of a building

– At Kashine Hills in the north part Kashine in Izuhara, there’s a large house with a small lake in front, at the back of the lake by a tree is a fox statue and a hidden altar sign

– At a large tree in the middle of Izuhara Clearing in northeast Hiyoshi in Izuhara

– In the hollow of a giant tree in North Kashine forest in Izuhara

– At the very edge of the shore of Kaneda Inlet in north Hiyoshi in Izuhara is a Pillar of Honour

– Outside a fishing hut on a riverbank southeast of Old Kanazawa Marsh in Toyotama, you’ll see the sign on the small wooden deck next to a boat

– Just south west of Old Kanazawa Marsh in Toyotama in a large field is a Pillar of Honour that also doubles as a hidden altar

– At Omi Lake in south west Kubara in Toyotama, there’s a pier next to a duelling ring down a path from Omi Village

– On the way to the shrine on small island off the coast of Rebel’s Last Stand in Yarikawa in Toyotama, just behind one of the large Torii gates on the path are two large frog statues, there’s a sign next to one of these

– Two for one! On the path to the Cloud Ridge Shrine at the cove north of Urashima’s Village in Toyotama, after doing some climbing and entering a mountain path you’ll see a statue of three frogs at a forked path, that’s one. Immediately to the right of this one is another, lone frog statue that is also a hidden altar

Ghost of Tsushima Guide

How To Get The Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy

Now, for the one that I’m betting most players will have come here for. The description for this trophy reads ‘Dress up as a legendary thief’ which, if you’ve been following Sucker Punch’s output long enough you should recognise as a reference to their Sly Cooper series. Even if you happen to catch the reference though, the exact method around popping this trophy is pretty murky.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and figured this one out, so if you’re stumped and want the easy way to discovering this neat little easter egg then read on:

Step One – Progress Enough To Access The Entire Map

You’re going to need access to two things to start your journey for this silver trophy. The first is the Mythic Tale questline, The Unbreakable Gosaku. This is important because you need to acquire Gosaku’s Armour to fulfil the trophy requirements. You’ll also need to have played through enough of the game to access the entire map in order to find the other pieces of this puzzle and also because you need to have unlocked Jin’s ‘grappling hook’ to reach certain places.

Step Two – Acquire The Right Gear

Once you have Gosaku’s armour, you’ll also need to head to a dye merchant and acquire the ‘Ocean’s Guardian’ colour scheme for the armour.

Following that, you need the following pieces of vanity gear found at these locations, both of which are in the northern section of the map in Kamiagata:

Crooked Kama Headband: Found at the top of a tall temple building at Jogaku Temple in Jogaku at the very north of the map. You can get up there by grappling to the corners of the temple’s roof on each floor

Sly Tanuki Sword KIt: Found at a Pillar of Honour at the peninsula east of Iwai Village in Kin

Step Three – Wear It!

This final step is pretty straightforward. Head into the menu and equip Gosaku’s Armour with the Ocean’s Guardian colour scheme, the Crooked Kama Headband and the Sly Tanuki Sword and voila! Your Sly Cooper cosplay is complete and the trophy should pop. That was simple enough, right?

Ghost of Tsushima Guide

Hopefully that’s helped you clear off a couple of Ghost of Tsushima’s trickier trophies. If you find yourself with more questions, throw us a message on our socials or you can bother our resident Ghost of Tsushima platinum-haver on Twitter at @thebirdprince. Happy hunting! 

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