Mass Effect 3 headlining march PS+ offerings

Sony Australia has confirmed that from 7th March, for one month only, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have the opportunity to download acclaimed action RPG Mass Effect 3 as part of their Instant Games Collection.

Developed by the very talented team at Bioware, this title completes the franchise in stunning form. The game plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take back earth from a terrifying enemy. In addition, SCE has teamed up with publisher EA to offer great discounts on both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 for both Plus members and standard users.

Also available to download from 7th March is the beautifully designed fighter Dead or Alive 5 from Tecmo Koei. Featuring a range of game modes, the game picks up two years after the destruction of the tri-tower – headquarters and symbol of DOATEC. Helena Douglas has begun the task of rebuilding DOATEC, this time with the aim of using its technology for peaceful ends. Now in the same position once held by her father, Helena has announced that she intends to hold the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

Entering PS Plus in March:
· 7th March: Mass Effect 3
· 7th March: Dead or Alive 5
· 7th March: Joe Danger 2
· 14th March: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
· 21th March: Puddle