Will Kratos Scream On The PS4?

According to Santa Monica Studios, graphics engineer, Ben Diamand. It may be possible to bring the two PS3 entries of God of War 3 and God of War: Ascension to the upcoming PS4. Coming from an interview with Eurogamer, Ben had this to say. “It could be done, the PS4 hardware is such a leap forward in terms of graphics power compared to the PS3 that we probably wouldn’t go that far. Most if not all of the SPU techniques we developed and used on the PS3 were there to reduce the RSX Lar dig spela blackjack har!Jag tror att alla , som besoker kasinot webbplats online , behover kanna sig hemmastadda och sakert . workload. With the PS4 GPU we probably wouldn’t need those techniques”

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Even though Sony had elected to port their PS2 God of War entries to the PS3 then also followed by their PSP entries, which all sold to solid success. It would be a supply and demand situation for the port to PS4, if there is a demand for these two entries then Santa Monica would almost certainly supply it.

Ben has confirmed that it certainly is possible to see the latest two God of War entries on the PS4 but clearly warned that he cannot make any official announcement on behalf of Santa Monica about their current activity in bringing Kratos to the next generation of gaming.