Arkham Update! Arkham 4? and Joker Returns

A lot of news has gone under the radar this week due to the Xbox One reveal and one of those was the unveiling of Warner Brothers Montreal first full length trailer for their upcoming Batman Arkham Origins.

During the 5 minute trailer, focusing primarily on the official introduction of Deathstroke to the Arhamverse, which sees Batman and Deathstroke duking it out one snowy Christmas eve atop a jungle of shipping containers. What was revealed throughout the trailer was the introduction of another of the 8 assassins, Deadshot. Who has come to Gotham to claim the bounty upon The Dark Knight’s head, placed there by Black Mask.

Apart from the stunningly beautiful CGI graphics which absolutely screams out the potential for a movie to made this way. There were a few possible nods as to what might just be in store for The Caped Crusader’s next adventure in Arkham Origins.

photo 1-1
Throughout the trailer these hints appeared, some may be definite, some may not be, other may just be wishful thinking, what appears is as follows:

• A marked calendar was seen next to where a goon places his mask down. This could be the opening for a Calendar Man appearance or to simply reinforce that fact that this latest adventure for Batman takes place on Christmas Eve.
• A takedown through a wooden floor was performed on a henchman, could this be a new predator move addition?
• “AR Technologies” is seen on a crate, referencing the possible return of Augmented Reality Training which was and may serve again as a side mission for Arkham Origins.
• Numbers on a forklift appear as 52000 could it be a New 52 reference?
• The Biggest one for me personally was that a box clearly marked “Queen Industries” was present. Clearly indicating Oliver Queen “The Green Arrow”. Who apart from Batman is the next biggest vigilante in the DC Universe, will we be seeing the Emerald Archer or is this simply a nod?

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In other Origin news, villains Anarky, Bane and Joker were revealed to be part of the Origins outing. Anarky is said to feature in side missions during the game. There however, was no word on what role Bane and Joker will play in this appearance, although Mark Hamill stayed true to his word of not reprising his role as the Clown Prince of Crime, the reigns will comfortably hand over to Troy Baker of upcoming “The Last of Us” fame, you might also recognise him from previous instalment Arkham City, where he played Two-Face and Robin (Tim Drake).

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Perhaps the biggest news of them all comes from the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy. Who after stating openly at the Dallas Comic-Con that he had been working on “The next Arkham game” over “nine or ten months”. After which we took to his twitter account to say “Confusion in Dallas! I am in new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, NOT ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall.”

Did Conroy inadvertently announce what the gaming community had been suspicious of for quite some time? That Rocksteady Studios are in fact working on a sequel to Arkham City? Could it be Next-Gen? Will it feature members of the Justice League if rumours are true?

Only time will tell, until then stay glued on Press-Start as we bring you all the latest up to date news on everything gaming.