Microsoft Not Lowering Xbox One Price Or Removing Kinect

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft had backed down from its strict DRM policies. The other gaping thing that comes to mind with the two consoles are their prices.

Vice President of Xbox Live Mark Whitten spoke with Joystiq over night. The Xbox One’s is priced at $50 more in Australia placing it at $599AUD. One of the major reasons for this is due to the fact that the Kinect is bundled in.

“We really believe deeply in the value that we’re delivering. Not just for the first day of launch, which we think is going to be amazing, with amazing games and entertainment experiences, but what this architecture can deliver over the long term.” said Whitten.

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“We still absolutely believe in Kinect. It’s a core part of the architecture,” Whitten said. “Frankly, it’s really critical that you build it as something that’s always there, always part of the platform. So that game creators, experience creators can know they can rely on it. And you, the user, that there’s always a consistent experience.”

Are you happy with the Xbox One price?