Sony have released the PS4 user guide online ahead of it’s American launch. It runs through all the basics and settings as well as the new Party function.

You can find it HERE

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 4.24.40 pm Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 4.24.56 pm


  • Krepler

    Really glad to being able to view an error history in the settings. Such a great feature to have!

    Yeah, I’m a manual junkie but at least I won’t have to waste any time once I get the console!

  • Anders

    It seems that the PS4 don’t support 3D Blu-ray

    Supported disc formats
    Blu-ray Disc
    DVD-R/RW*2 (video mode, VR mode*3)
    *1Hybrid discs are supported.*2AVCHD is supported.*3CPRM is supported.
    Playback of the following types of discs is not supported.
    BD-RE ver.1.0
    BD-R/RE XL
    Blu-ray 3D™
    DVDs that have not been finalized