Fable Anniversary Rated R18+

The long awaited HD Remake Fable Anniversary is inching ever so closer to it’s new release date of February 2014.  It’s been 10 years since Fable came out, so memories might be a little faded at this point. The classification board seeks to remind us, that Fable Anniversary is certainly not for children by giving it a R18+ Rating. The reason behind this is because of “Sexual activity related to incentives or rewards” According to a report by Player Attack, the rating relates to the Darkwood Bordello Activities, where players can earn an in-game reward for pairing up with a number of Prostitutes as a man or receive gold to “participate in the intimate act of love” dressed as a women with a Male NPC.

Fable and it’s Expansion Fable: The Lost Chapters was rated M and MA15+ respectively. Fable Anniversary will be hitting store shelves on February 2014 at an unspecified release date as of right now for the Xbox 360.