Adrift, Gravity The Game?

Ex Microsoft creative Director Adam Orth seems to be on the plans of making a new game, titled simply: Adrift.

Adrift will be about a lone astronaut floating in space after being the sole survivor of a terrible accident at the space station he/she was working in. Basically, the game is a metaphor to what happened to Mr. Orth after the whole controversy with Microsoft’s always online policy, and how it sparked hate and death threats toward himself and his family.

I commend the man for being brave enough to turn his past misfortune into something creative and positive, it goes to show just how powerful his willpower is and how he is willing to move forward despite adversity.

The gaming community is a mess. The fact that a man would be driven almost to the brink for something as petty as always online functionality on a console is unreal. I agree that that idea was not the best way to combat piracy and address DRM issues, but sending hatred, violence and death threats to the man, and further involving his family in the issue is absolutely disgusting behavior. This just reminds me of Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird. You know the story.

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