Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Confirmed For PS4 In New Trailer

In an announcement that everyone saw coming, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition has been confirmed for PS4. The game will be playable in full 1080P with improved textures and rendering effects.

The Road To Devastation expansion pack is now included in the main game. This gives you two extra modes in the form of Arcade and Endless modes. To compliment this, a Playstation companion app will also be released to keep track of your stats on a second screen.

Challenge mode is a brand new mode. Whenever you finish a level, you are now able to send your score over to a friend who can try and beat your score. Whilst playing through this challenge, you will see your friends avatar allowing you to race against their score in real time.

Broadcast mode is also an exclusive feature. This allows you to stream your game interactively. Viewers will influence the difficult of your play session. They will have the option to vote between a positive and negative effect that happens in game. There are apparently 30 different voting effects which range form spawning zombies to giving the players ammo. The coolest thing about this is that these voters will appear in your game as zombies, so you can take them down as they watch your session.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition has been confirmed for a US and UK release on March 5th. We can only assume that it will be released at the same time here. It has been confirmed as a free game for PS+ members.