New Detailed Titanfall Maps Leak

Are you ready to play Titanfall? Well, get acquainted with the maps then, it’s where you’ll be fighting! The maps seem to have a lot of variety, with many different kinds of locations from normal living suburbs to menacing deserted lands.

Thanks to this compilation, we get to see some of the key locations up close and then some. Hopefully this will serve as an early point of reference for the strategists in the community.

Courtesy of Reddit user FallenFusion.

14-Smuggler 15-Training-Ground 01-Airbase 02-Angel-City 03-Boneyard 04-Colony 05-Corporate 06-Demeter 07-Fracture 08-Lagoon 09-Nexus 10-Outpost-207 11-Overlook 12-Relic 13-Rise