Explore The Seinfeld Apartment With Oculus Rift


Ever wanted to see the apartment in Seinfeld up close and personal? Well, now it’s possible thanks to project Jerry’s Place, by Greg. Jerry’s place took Greg a month’s worth of work, which he did completely on his own.

Jerry’s Place project was “mainly to learn the unity game engine” says Greg, ” I want to transition into a 3d modelling career, so yeah all the practise I can get will help!”

Finally, when asked whether he was considering other projects to recreate other famous sets or locations he replied “The main hurdle will be affording the license for Unity Pro, after the trial that came with Oculus expires.” adding, “But I’d like to, I was thinking about something like the I Love Lucy set, or maybe the office from “The Office.””.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see more projects from Greg in the future. Projects like this are always a nice thing for the industry

For the official site, Click here.

For Greg’s personal website, Click here.

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