Tales of Hearts Might Be Heading West?

The Tales of Franchise has seen a rise in popularity in the west as of recently, which for JRPG fans like myself is a great thing. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles it out, Tales of the Absyss made it’s way to Australia via the 3DS, Xillia is out, Xillia 2 is on it’s way. Now it looks like that we’re getting the 2008 DS title, Tales of Heats. Or rather the Vita port that came out in Japan last year as Tales of Hearts R.

IF a recent list sighting on Gamespot is to be believed. It’s only speculation at this point, nothing as yet been confirmed. Let’s be honest though, another JRPG coming to the Vita isn’t a surprising thing. Though it excites me all the same! Expect to hear more soon.