UPDATED: A New PlayStation Handheld Is Apparently In The Works

Viva la Vita

Update: Insider Gaming has dropped a bombshell report that claims the handheld PlayStation Device is indeed real, and will release between the rumoured redesigned PS5 with detachable disc drive and an eventual PS5 Pro model.

Reportedly codenamed “Q Lite” the device is said to resemble a DualSense controller with an 8-inch screen in the centre and will even include features like adaptive triggers. It’ll play game strictly via Remote Play to a PS5 console, with 1080p/60fps streaming.

It seems that chatter has suddenly kicked up around the idea of PlayStation having another crack at the handheld market, thanks to some (admittedly very loose) rumours that started from the announcement of ASUS’ new ROG Ally handheld gaming PC, of all things.

Alongside ASUS revealing their new device to the world, a post on Reddit has made some pretty bold claims of firmer details around the device, including a $649 USD starting price point to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck and an October release date with support from Microsoft/Xbox Game Pass.

The user also claimed that the handheld is being positioned with Game Pass partially in response to ASUS’ knowledge of a new Sony-developed handheld secretly in the works.


Of course, a tip from a Redditor isn’t nearly enough to start putting away cash for a shiny new PlayStation Vita 2, but the interesting wrinkle in this whole situation is a response from industry figure and serial leaker, Jeff Grubb, who’s typically more in-the-know than most.

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Grubb posted a tweet earlier today that simply said, “I am traveling to Super Nintendo World, but I see the reports about a potential Vita 2, and I would definitely scope down those expectations. I’ve only ever heard about a cloud-streaming handheld.”

Whether that means Sony is actively in pursuit of the handheld market again, is merely entertaining the idea, is thinking of putting PlayStation titles on another device via cloud streaming or something else entirely remains to be seen, but the unceremonious shooting down of the idea of a successor to the PlayStation Vita does sting a little.

For more on the ASUS ROG Ally, which is a real device that’s coming out and seems to be packed with some impressive hardware and features head over here.