Mario Kart 8 Gets Voice Chat!

Nintendo has detailed how the voice chat will work in the up and coming Mario Kart 8 along with new information about how the multiplayer will work.

A headset will not be required to use voice chat instead the Wii U Gamepad’s built-in Microphone will work just fine. The voice chat is limited to egging each other on and trash talking in the pre-race lobbies. Additionally you can exchange pre-defined text messages similar to the phrasing style of the Mario Kart Wii.

Online multiplayer allows up to 12 players to take part in the race across four different game modes. You will have the ability to make a private or public tournament, which will allow you to customize the time and rules. As always, you can race against ghost’s of your friends previous performances or the top ten racers in the world. If you’re good enough to beat the developers of Mario Kart 8 at their own game you will earn some pretty “cool” stamps that can be used when making your Miiverse posts.