Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming Next Month Alongside Special Edition 3DS XL

For the first time on 3DS, players will be able explore and face off against ferocious monsters online with other players using a wireless internet connection. This week, an exclusive demo will become available by email to select Nintendo 3DS owners. The demo will contain three different quests and the ability to play locally or online multiplayer functionality. The selected 3DS owners will also receive three additional eShop codes that can be shared with friends to obtain the full experience of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

As an exclusive to EB games the ‘New Nintendo 3DSXL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition’ will also be released on the same day. Playing the game on the new console adds a completely new level of immersive gameplay with the use of the C stick and Super Stable 3D.

Two new faceplates for the New Nintendo 3DS will also be available to purchase separately from 14th February.