Kung Lao, Kitana, Reptile & Ermac join Mortal Kombat X

Throughout the last few weeks Ed Boon and the team have been hard at work putting what must inevitably be the finishing touches on Mortal Kombat X. They’ve also revealed four major returning characters and although details are sparse on exactly how all of them will play.

Kung LaoKung Lao sports a much more matured look than previous games. He has three different variations available to players:

  • Buzz Saw adds unique abilities that almost exclusively feature Kung Lao’s hat.
  • Tempest is a more defensive style using his hat as a shield and provides more spin and kick options.
  • Hat Trick is a zoning oriented play style that allows Kung Lao’s hat to set traps and setup combo opportunities.

MKX-KitanaKitana makes a return and despite being 10,000 years old, she’s still looking better than ever. Sporting a more Egyptian inspired look, she fights with her signature fans. Most of the details regarding how Kitana will fight, including her variations, have been kept under wraps by the developers thus far.

MKX-ReptileReptile similarly makes a return in his controversial hybrid form – looking like a Ninja but retaining his more animalistic properties. He fights with the moves typical to his character – acid spitting, force balls and even invisibility, which seems to nullify the effect of projectiles now. Much like Kitana, not much is known about the specific fighting variations that players will be able to play around with in Mortal Kombat X.

MKX-ErmacAny Mortal Kombat fan will know all about Ermac and his origins – originally beginning as a gaming urban legend cited throughout arcades as the result of a visual glitch in the original game. One of Ed Boon’s favourites, he’s a telekinetic ninja who is actually comprised of thousands of souls who perished during the great wars in the Mortal Kombat lore. Thankfully, most of Ermac’s styles and variations are known.

  • Mystic favours Ermac’s telekinetic abilities.
  • Spectral allows Ermac to fly and grants him unique aerial attacks and setups.
  • Master of Souls allows Ermac to vanish to avoid damage and use soul based projectiles

At the present stage, only (roughly) half of the roster has been revealed, so we’ll be sure to update when we hear about more. Who do you want to be in the newest Mortal Kombat? Let us know in the comments!

Mortal Kombat X is releasing April 15th in Australia on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

Netherrealm Studios will be handling development of the PC, XBO and PS4 versions while Showtime Studios is handling porting duties for other platforms.

Warner Bros. Interactive is publishing.