Zombi headed to PS4, XB1, PC – Drops the U

ZombiU was an exclusive launch game for Nintendo’s Wii U console when it released back in 2012. Now Ubisoft has announced that they’ll be rereleasing (resurrecting, reanimating) their survival-horror game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year as Zombi.

Rumors about a potential port to other platforms have been floated around since the game’s initial release, although it wasn’t until earlier this year that the game was first seen on the Australian Classification Board. Today’s announcement makes things official as the game is now slated to release on August 18.

Zombi is a first-person survival-horror game set in London during the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. It features a “perma-death” mechanic that has players take the role of an entirely new protagonist every time they hit a game over screen. Progress made with specific characters is thus extremely valuable as deaths can potentially set players back several hours.

ZombiU originally received a mixed critical reception that leaned toward positive (via Metacritic). It was praised for its survival-horror elements, difficulty, and novel use of the Wii U GamePad. Now that the GamePad is gone, however, Zombi has made several changes to its core gameplay aimed at reinterpreting itself for new platforms. Ubisoft’s blog elaborates:

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  • The minimap (previously tied to the GamePad) has now been moved to the main screen.
  • The game includes an increased field of view over the original release.
  • Two new melee weapons have been added – the shovel and nail bat.
  • The game’s flashlight features a new mode that enhances usefulness at the expense of attracting more zombies.
  • Searching through your backpack (the game’s inventory) is now tied to a single button.
  • Players will still be open to attack while doing so.
  • The Wii U’s single-system multiplayer is gone.

Naturally, Zombi will also run at a higher resolution than its Wii U counterpart. Players can now expect a full 1080p image from Zombi although there is no word yet on what the framerate will be like. Can we hope for 60fps?

ZombiU was something of a disappointment for Ubisoft so hopefully Zombi can find a new audience on the PS4 and Xbox One. Having reviewed fairly well, it is perhaps well-deserving of a second chance. Let’s just hope it doesn’t shamble out of the gate a second time.