Crack Down On Crime In Crackdown 3

Up next was Crackdown series creator David Jones and his studio Reagent Games to show off Crackdown 3, another Xbox One exclusive. Originally released in 2007 alongside the Halo 3 beta (which helped boost its sales, no doubt), Crackdown won near universal critical acclaim for its unique take on the sandbox genre. A follow-up in 2010 failed to capture a similar response from gamers who felt that it did little to innovate on the gameplay mechanics of the original. Four years later and Crackdown 3 was first shown off at E3 2014, albeit in a purely CGI trailer. Today were shown our first glimpse of the game in action.

Crackdown 3 will feature 4-player cooperative play and will take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud, enabling players to “harness 20 times the power of [their] Xbox One to unleash 100 percent destructible environments” in a “ground-breaking competitive multiplayer mode.”

Crackdown 3 is set to release next holiday season, with a multiplayer beta in the summer.

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