Halo 5 Flexes It’s Multiplayer Muscle

It wouldn’t be a Microsoft conference without Halo. Indeed, Halo is the cornerstone upon which the entire Xbox brand was built, thanks in large part to the series’ hugely popular multiplayer component. Having demoed single-player content earlier this year at E3, Microsoft and Halo series developer 343 Industries instead decided to show more of Halo 5’s competitive multiplayer, which is now split between Warzone (large-scale team battles with AI controlled enemies) and Arena (4v4 player versus player).

In the above trailer we get a small taste of both, previewing new maps and environments. As the video also makes clear, Halo 5 is a game that aims to redefine itself. If you played the multiplayer beta earlier this year you’ll have some idea regarding what to expect when Halo 5 releases on October 27.