Battlefield 5 Setting and Title Leaked

After Activision’s rough experience with the leak of the trailer for the new Call of Duty in front of its announcement, EA and DIECE have apparently experienced the same frustration as an advertisement on Xbox Live led to a piece of key art leaking onto the web, seemingly confirming the alternate World War I setting that has been rumored for the past few days.SdJJrSX

A leak of the marketing for the material for the game on Reddit using the same key art also confirmed the game’s title. Titled “Battlefield 1”, the game is set to be revealed in just a few hours following DICE’s massive pre-show event leading up to the announcement.

There isn’t much more information available besides the title and setting, but the leaked marketing material does note that the game comes with an exclusive ‘Hellfighters’ pack with items based on the Harlem Hellfighters, which was the first all-African American regiment in the US army, which helped pave the the way for the future of African-American troops in the American military.

Press-Start will keep you posted as we approach the game’s incoming official announcement and more information regarding the game is released.