Australia Is Getting A Gamer House Reality Show

The Next Gamer is basically Big Brother for aspiring esports players.

40 contestants will basically battle it out online over 5 days to win a spot in The Next Gamer House. 10 out of the 40 will be joining the house in Sydney.

From then, we will get to witness daily challenges and tournaments which is said to test the mental toughness and team work of those players. From there, five of those contestants will be eliminated with the final five facing Oceania’s top gaming teams as they attempt to build a professional League of Legends team.

In the live finale, The Next Gamer team will face an OPL team with one winner walking away with $10,000 in prize money as well a six month contract with one of Australia’s best League of Legends teams.

If you believe you have what it takes, you can apply HERE.


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