KFC Is Using A Fried Chicken Cooking VR Simulator To Train Staff (Apparently)

Before you get too excited, I’m going to preface this article with the fact that this is probably a massive publicity stunt.

In a press release sent out to overseas media, Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it is using a Virtual Reality Fried Chicken Cooking simulator in order to train staff. The KFC training game (running on Oculus Rift) portrays Colonel Sanders as an AI overload who has trapped the player in a kitchen, where they must successfully inspect, rinse, bread, rack and pressure-fry chicken.

They must complete this task in order to get out of an escape room. The press release states that this VR process is much faster at training staff, taking them through the process in 10 minutes (as opposed to the 25 minutes it’d take in real life).

It’s quite possible that this could release as a game, but I can only imagine how badly this could go for them once gamers get their hands on it. There is footage below which suggests that at least a mockup has been created.

Thanks, Eater.

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