Samsung’s Foldable Phone Is Incredible But Pretty Damn Expensive

Overnight, Samsung finally revealed the ‘Galaxy Fold’, a brand new foldable phone that’s releasing in just a few months.

The design is a little different to what we had anticipated. It sports a 4.6″ display on the outside (which is actually a seperate display than the massive one on the other side), a 7.3″ infinity flex display, six cameras (three on the rear, two on the front and a single camera on the cover), 12 gb of ram and 512gb of memory. It also sports an impressive two batteries.

The short demo that took place on stage showing Google Maps seamlessly going across both screens was pretty impressive.

Apps will seamlessly transition between the smaller cover screen and the massive foldable screen, which looks pretty damn impressive when open with almost no parting between the two screens. You’ll also be able to run three apps at once on the larger screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch on April 26th for $1,980 ($2,700 AUD) in Cosmos Black, Martian Green, Astro Blue and Silver.