Crossy Road Castle Is Coming Exclusively To Apple Arcade

Melbourne Studio, Hipster Whale has announced that Crossy Road Castle is coming exclusively to Apple Arcade next year.

Aesthetically, the game looks very similar to the original Crossy Road but it’s actually a four player platformer, where you’re tasked with climbing a castle through a series of randomly served levels, before taking on a pretty epic boss battle.

I had the chance to go hands-on with the game yesterday and it carries over a lot of the addictive qualities that the original game had, but due to the fact that Apple Arcade games have no in-app purchases, it seems like it’ll be a much more balanced experience and let the simplistic, yet incredibly fun gameplay shine.

As with the rest of the Apple Arcade lineup, you’ll be able to pair a DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller to your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac and play the game with traditional controls. I detailed what a seamless (and fantastic experience) that actually is right HERE.

The Apple Arcade lineup is already reaching pretty astounding heights for a brand new service. You can find the ever-growing list of titles right HERE.

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