Somebody Finally Modded Isabelle Into Classic DOOM

It was bound to happen eventually, but the modding community for Doom II have figured out a way to put Isabelle into the game as a companion.

Modder itsmeveronica has recently released the mod, which adds Isabelle to the game as a companion who will fight alongside you. She behaves just as you’d expect – shooting up the place with party poppers and slapping demons with her hammer. It’s bizarrely adorable. She even throws supplies to Doomguy in the midst of the action.

The creator said, in a post on ZDoom Forums:

Isabelle is a supporting character who is also capable of fighting for you. Isabelle takes no damage from enemies so you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping her alive, she can take care of herself. She’s all strong and independent, capable of staying alive to an all out firefight. Isabelle would frequently throw items your way, akin to Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. She could throw items such as health, armor, and ammo!

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You can check out the trailer below:

You can download the mod from ModDB if you say so wish HERE. The mod is exclusive to GZDoom.



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