The Simpsons Hit and Run

The Simpsons Hit And Run Has Been Perfectly Remade By A Fan

The Simpsons Hit & Run was released in 2003 and it’s been one of the those games that almost anybody who played the original has been requesting for years and years.

Reubs, A fan of the game has built a demo of what a Simpsons Hit and Run remake could look in 2021 like using Unreal Engine 5. What’s more impressive is that this was done in a week. A demo of the remake was available to download containing the full first mission of the game, and the ability to drive around Springfield, but it has unfortunately been taken down due to copyright reasons.

He showcased how he made the remake in a video which goes through the map recreation, characters, how he animated everything and way, way more. It’s a super fascinating and nostalgic look at the game through a new lens. Most of the original textures had been pulled in and upscaled using A.I but some of them had been hand-recreated too. There’s also ray tracing which shows off Springfield in a brand new light.

The remake is that damn good that the Lead Designer on the original game, Joe McGinn commented on the video and said: “Hi, I’m the lead designer on the original game. Amazing what you accomplished! Really gives a taste of what a full modern remaster could be. Impressive work!”

Sadly, as good as this looks, getting the game remade properly would take a lot of work mainly due to all of the different companies and copyrights holders that are involved in not only The Simpsons but the original game. It’s definitely a massive shame as if one person was able to achieve this in just a week, imagine what fully fledged development team could do to give this game the love and attention it deserves. We can only hope.