The Pricing Of Forspoken And Final Fantasy VII Remake On PC Is Attracting Some Attention

Yesterday’s The Game Awards show had a couple of surprises in store for Square Enix fans in the form of both a release date for the slick-looking fantasy adventure Forspoken as well as the reveal that Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PC as soon as next week.

Exciting stuff, both both announcements have a spot of tarnish to deal with as the PC community grapples with the reality of their pricing – USD $70 each. We already know this has been converted (with a slight increase) to AUD $114.95 for Forspoken, with no solid local price in place yet for FFVIIR.

It’s a price point that console gamers were forced to become acquainted with in the transition to the new generation of devices, especially in the PlayStation camp, but it’s clearly come as a shock to those used to paying the same or less than their controller-wielding counterparts.

Chatter on social media around both games is rife with talk of the higher cost, especially as far as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is concerned given it’s an older game and also exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the time being.

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Steam users are none too happy about Forspoken either, one look at the game’s Community page is evidence of that (fair warning it’s not the most friendly of places to visit).

The game does look excellent at least, especially in its most recent showing at The Game Awards. It’s coming on May 24, 2022 to PlayStation 5 and PC.

Check out the new trailers for both Forspoken and the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade below: