Levi's The Simpsons

A Levi’s The Simpsons Range Is On The Way And It Features All Of Springfield’s Best Characters

Following on from the Levi’s x Pokémon collab, Levi’s has now announced a brand new The Simpsons range. It’s hitting Australian stores on March 3rd and I have to say, the entire range is just full of absolute bangers pieces.

Here are some of the pieces that stand out to me, and I’ve also included a gallery below:

  • Bart Squishee Denim Jacket/hoodie
  • Reversible Yellow Jacket with credits on inside
  • Blinky the Three Eyed fish beanie/hoodie
  • Sexy Ms Krapappel Bucket Hat
  • Cloud Bumbag/Bucket Hat

We’ll let you know when this is available to order.