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Marvel Snap Is A New Collectible Card Game Coming To Mobile And PC

Who let Thanos design a card game?

With a title that’s probably pretty triggering for everyone in the MCU, Marvel has announced a brand-new collectible card game (CCG) for mobiles and PC in Marvel Snap.

Dubbed “The Fastest CCG In The Multiverse”, Marvel Snap aims to inject a ton of speed into the card game genre by layering both players turns on top of each other so that they occur at the same time. The team at developer Second Dinner, which is made up of CCG veterans including some that worked on Hearthstone, say that a full game of Marvel Snap only takes around three minutes to play.

When it comes to deckbuilding, Marvel Snap also makes the unconventional move of only allowing 12 total cards in a deck with every card being unique. In the announcement video, it’s explained that this is in response to the fact that a lot of competitive CCG decks are actually made up of very few unique cards in comparison to their total card count.

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Check out the full video below to learn more about Marvel Snap’s unique mechanics and competitive modes:

A release date hasn’t been set just yet, but you can sign up for a closed beta of Marvel Snap on Android right now. The studio is even promising that beta progress will not be reset by the time the full game rolls around!