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Tokyo Game Show VR 2022 Looks To Be Set In A Dungeon And Features Square Enix And Kojima Productions


Tokyo Game Show is back for 2022 and despite a return to an in-person event open to the public as well as livestreamed components from various publishers (with Capcom having already announced its plans), the TGS VR event is also making a comeback and will be held from September 15th – September 18th.

TGS VR is a virtual, interactive version of Tokyo Game Show that anybody can experience either with a Meta Quest, other PC-based VR headset or simply through a PC. Last year, the app was made available ahead of time in Quest, PC VR and non-VR PC versions and became active over the same dates as the show itself. Up to 12 people could attend together in social groups through the app, as well.

For this year’s TGS VR, the show is teasing a “dungeon” experience via its currently-cryptic official website. It reads:

“The Stage of 2022 is a Dungeon

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Makuhari Messe is the venue for TGS VR in 2022.
But what is there on the opening day is an empty hall and
a big hole in the floor.
Why is there nothing in the hall?
What is at the bottom of the deep hole?
Unearth the future at the GAME STOPE.”

We can also glean from the TGS VR website a pretty good list of some of the publishing partners in attendance at the VR version of the show. While not confirmed for the full TGS event it would make sense that these would all attend in both capacities:

  • Kojima Productions
  • Square Enix
  • Konami
  • Bandai Namco
  • Capcom
  • SEGA/Atlus
  • Koei Tecmo

Whatever this year’s virtual experience ends up being, it sounds… ominous to say the least. Count me in.