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Four New SEGA Mega Drive Titles Have Been Added To Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass


Nintendo has just dropped a quartet of new SEGA Mega Drive games for subscribers to the Expansion Pass tier of Nintendo Switch Online.

This new update is one of the better ones we’ve had and includes Alien Storm, Columns, Golden Axe II and Virtua Fighter 2.

Almost anyone who owned a SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis back in the day should be familiar with at least one, if not all of these games, especially the timeless gem-breaking puzzle game, Columns. You’ll need to be signed up to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass to play SEGA Mega Drive (as well as Nintendo 64) games on your Switch console, but these new titles come at no extra cost for members.

If you’re keen for the full retro Mega Drive experience, members can still order the wireless SEGA Mega Drive Control Pad through the My Nintendo store here.

Check out the announcement trailer: