Rocksteady Is Struggling To Contain Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Leaks

Kill the leaks.

If you’re a DC fan waiting patiently to get your hands around Rocksteady Games’ latest project – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – you might want to ensure you’ve muted just about any keyword you could associate with the game, or just jump off the internet for a couple of months.

Following a closed alpha test for the game, which anyone could have reasonably predicted would result in some leaks, Rocksteady and WB Games now have the job of attempting to clean up what started as a light sprinkling of spoilers for the game’s story and characters but has now become something of an avalanche nearly seven weeks before the game’s launch.

Everything from reveals of previously-unannounced characters, the fates of some key heroes and/or villains and major plot details are now out there in image, video and audio form with some pretty big reveals to potentially ruin for yourself should you turn the wrong corner in the hellscape of social media.

Rocksteady has addressed the leaks on Twitter/X, saying, “We’re looking forward to players experiencing the story we’ve crafted in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League once the game launches in the new year. We hope everyone can play the game and feel each moment of the narrative for themselves.

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“It is very disappointing to see details being shared ahead of the game’s release, so we can only urge you to try to avoid spoilers where you can. And please try not to impact the enjoyment of other players by posting spoilers. We look forward to seeing you all in Metropolis on 02-02-24”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 2nd, 2024. Amazon has pre-orders for $89 with no deposit, a pre-order price guarantee and free shipping.