Balatro Has Sold A Million Copies In Just One Month

That's a lotta chips.

Current indie megahit Balatro is continuing its domination, permanently setting up free tenancy in the minds of 1 million players in just its first month since release.

The game, a deckbuilding roguelike based on concepts from card games like big two or poker, is currently available on PC and consoles but is also confirmed to be getting a mobile release, where millions more players are presumably waiting in the wings.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support and enthusiasm from players worldwide,” said Harvey Elliott, CEO of publisher Playstack in a press release. “The game’s success is a testament to the quality and creativity that the indie sector can deliver, proving that even in uncertain times, innovative games can thrive. We extend our deepest thanks to every player who has joined us on this adventure.”

LocalThunk, the game’s solo developer, similarly expressed their thanks to players for picking up what they’ve put down, saying, “I’m so grateful to all the players and people that have made this happen. I still can’t grasp the response to this game, and I am overjoyed that so many people have been able to have fun with my silly creation. I’m so fortunate that I can continue working on my passion as a career. Thank you!”

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I gave Balatro a huge 9.5/10 in my review, saying, “Balatro is one of those deceptively-approachable ideas that will absolutely consume you the more you start to puzzle out its secrets and intricacies. It somehow makes playing the same game over and over feel completely fresh in possibility each time, and doles out just enough new ideas and just the right amount of intoxicating feedback to keep you thinking ‘one more game’ well into the AM.”