Balatro Is Coming to iPhone And Android

This is dangerous.

Balatro is still taking the world by storm after it launched in late February, having racked up over $1 million USD in its first eight hours on sale and going on to shift 500,000 copies in just its first ten days. Now, this unassuming poker roguelike is set to expand its reign with versions of the game announced for iOS and Android devices.

The reveal was made during a Reddit AMA with developer LocalThunk, where a heap of interesting insight was revealed such as how certain aspects of the game were designed, what inspired (or didn’t inspire) its roguelike mechanics, what the game’s huge success means and what features the developer is looking to add or update in the future.

In regards to the mobile ports though, in response to a question simply asking if those are on the table for iOS and Android, publisher Playstack said on the developer’s behalf, “We are currently working on the mobile version yes. If we have any new announcement around this we’ll post it on our Discord and Twitter.”

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LocalThunk later expanded on this after users questioned whether the ports were being handled elsewhere, confirming that “The Switch port, PC version, MacOS version and both mobile ports are being done by me! Playstack was just giving me a hand on some answers (as you can see there was a lot of typing yesterday)”

After playing dozens of hours myself on PS5 (you can read my 9.5/10 review of the game here, where I admitted that I now “see and hear it in my sleep”) I can unequivocally say that having access to Balatro anywhere, anytime is going to be a massive personal disaster, and I absolutely can’t wait.

You can read tons more incredibly fascinating insight into Balatro in the full Reddit AMA transcript available right here.